Year Round Executive Chef

Camp Rockefeller and the Quapaw Area Council know that great food is a critical part of a great camp experience. That’s why we’ve taken the unusual step of hiring a year-round Executive Chef to manage our meals. 

Dr. W. Jinnings Burruss is an Eagle Scout and Silver Beaver who grew up at Camp Rockefeller and whose passion is to make sure that a new generation of young people have the same great experience that he had. That’s why he puts so much effort into preparing the best camp food for our guests. 

And Dr. Burruss knows just how to do that. As Lead Hospitality Faculty for the University of Arkansas’ culinary school in Little Rock, Jinnings has taught hundreds of students how to prepare the finest food. Many of these students are now cooking in the best restaurants and hotels in the region. 

But as a nutrition professional, Dr. Burruss is not only concerned with making sure that the food is delicious. He also wants to ensure that every meal offers a balanced diet. Camp Rockefeller menus are carefully planned with nutritional guidelines in mind so that scouts have the energy needed for a day full of Scouting adventure!

Of course, our dining hall staff knows that there are those who have special dietary needs and they are prepared to work with you to make sure those needs are addressed. In the event that your dietary needs cannot be accommodated, Camp Rockefeller is prepared to store any food that a Scout or leader needs to bring in the camps freezer, cooler, and/or storage room and allow a Scout or leader to prepare that food in the camp kitchen as needed. The Scout or leader should label all food containers with name and troop number. Arrangements for a Scout or leader to come into the kitchen and prepare such food before a meal must be made with the Dining Hall Director during check-in procedures on Sunday.