First Year Camper Program

At Camp Rockefeller, we know that it is critically important to get scouts started off right. That is why we have prioritized ROCKS, our curriculum for Scouts who have not yet attended a summer camp, as our most important program. We make sure that these new Scouts get our very best staff members – staff who understand and enjoy the process of patiently training Scouts in the core Scout skills. 

In this FULL-DAY program, Scouts will get an opportunity to participate in many of the other program areas such as Aquatics, Scoutcraft and Shooting Sports while working on requirements toward Tenderfoot, Second Class and/or First Class. They will also have the opportunity to attend the Thursday night outpost activity, which will not only help fulfill additional camping requirements but will also provide an additional fun adventure. Scouts who are planning to attend outpost should bring:

• water bottle 

• flashlight 

• sleeping bag

• small tent 

• rain gear