Special/Evening Events

Worship Services

A Scout is Reverent! 

Worship services will be held at the Chapel and everyone is encouraged to attend in uniform. Units are always free to conduct services within the campsite. 

Opening Campfire: Sunday night

The Sunday night opening campfire will be presented by the camp staff. A Staff guide will arrive at the Unit campsite and lead the Unit to the campfire.

Regional Campfire

Regional campfires are a chance for units to assemble for fun and fellowship. As a group, they will decide what skits and songs will be used for the Friday night campfire. SPLs oversee these campfires and will operate under the supervision of the Unit adult leaders and Camp Staff present.

Closing Campfire: Friday night

Friday night’s campfire features songs, skits, and performances by scouts. This campfire is planned during the SPL meetings. All Units assemble at the Flag Plaza and will be led to the campfire circle.

Visitors to Camp – FRIDAY FAMILY NIGHT

Note to Scout Leaders: Please share this information with the families of the scouts in your Unit.

Families and guests of scouts who visit Camp Rockefeller are encouraged to do so on Friday Family Night beginning at 5:00 p.m. concluding with the closing campfire.

All visitors must check-in at the Camp Office at the Admin Building before entering camp, and check-out upon leaving camp. Camp Commissioners will be available to assist visitors with this process.

It is important that visitors know and understand Camp Rockefeller is not a city park. Visitors should come prepared to walk reasonable distances to the campsites and program areas. The terrain is uneven, hilly and may be difficult for individuals with mobility issues. Visitors are strongly recommended to wear sturdy shoes (not flip-flops or sandals), a cap or hat, and comfortable clothing appropriate to the weather.

For safety reasons, all vehicles must be parked in the main parking lot. This includes vehicles with valid Disabled Parking Permits. The main camp area is located uphill by a trail or road that is a rather steep grade. Camp Rockefeller staff will attempt to accommodate individuals with obvious mobility issues on a case by case basis. 

For the safety of everyone, pets are not allowed at Camp Rockefeller. This provision is also for the safety of the pets.

Visitors are welcome to observe, but may not participate in, Camp Rockefeller program areas.

Family Night visitors are welcome to eat in the Dining Hall according to the camp schedule for meals. Meal tickets can be purchased in the Trading Post. Cost is $10.00 per person. To prepare a sufficient amount of food for the Friday evening meal, Scout leaders are asked to identify the number of their unit’s visitors eating in the Dining Hall on Friday Family Night and report this information to the Camp Commissioner not later than noon Wednesday.

Visitors are welcome to camp overnight Friday in the Short-Term camping area (visitors must bring own camping equipment).

Subject to space availability and for Family Night visitors who need to stay over on Friday evening, rooms may be reserved at the Donald W. Reynolds Scout Training Center at a cost of $50.00 per night. A reservation is required a minimum of two weeks in advance. This will be on a ‘as available’ basis. Unfortunately, due to Youth Protection issues, no one UNDER 18, will be allowed to stay.

Only registered Scouts and unit leaders or parents serving as unit leaders may stay overnight in the troop campsite at any time.

Conservation and Camp Projects

Camp projects must be approved in advance by the camp administration. Unit leaders should contact the camp office for information about doing a camp project. A list of conservation projects is maintained by the Ecology/ Conservation Area Director. Units may make arrangements with the Quartermaster for tools and assistance.


Check out The Shop at The ROCK on Friday afternoon. There will be an opportunity to get mugs and belts branded with the camp logos.