The Campsite

Tents – The Rockefeller Experience begins where you lay your head at night. Each campsite is equipped with tents that are built on top of concrete platforms so scouts never have to be concerned about critters making a home beneath their tent. Driven deep into the concrete is a steel frame that supports a spacious tent. And as an extra measure of protection against the summer shower, a large tarp is stretched across the top. Open up both ends to feel the summer breeze or close it up for maximum privacy. Though the tents are big enough for three, we give you lots of room to spread out by placing two cots in every tent.


Knowing that adult leaders sometimes like a bit more elbow (or gear) room, each campsite has been equipped with two larger adult tents. These leader tents offer plenty of space for a comfortable week at camp and help young scouts more easily find an adult leader when necessary.

Supporting the needs of a troop at camp, each campsite includes its own restroom facilities with locking doors, flush toilets, potable water and a large wash station and with multiple shower-houses positioned around camp, a hot shower is never very far away.

Our campsites have LOTS of trees so you can always find the cool shade. Each campsite is also equipped with picnic tables that provide the perfect gathering place for the scouts when they are in camp. Check out a flag from the quartermaster and host your own flag ceremonies at the flag pole located in your campsite.