Mountain Biking

The mountain biking program is a challenging and physically strenuous five-day program involving over fifty miles of increasingly difficult, roads and trails. This is a strenuous activity and is recommended only for those persons in good physical condition. This program is for older scouts- at least 13 years old or 12 years old and First Class.

The scouts in the program work toward the Cycling merit badge, including instruction on proper riding technique, trail etiquette, safety, maintenance, and repair. The only requirement which scouts may be unable to complete is requirement nine.

Scouts bringing their own bikes must also bring a helmet and an extra inner tube. If a Scout brings his own bike, it must be a substantial off-road bike and must meet the review by the Mountain Biking Director. The Mountain Biking Director will disqualify any bike that does not appear substantial enough to handle the very rough terrain over which this activity covers.  All scouts must have sufficient water.